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WP1 - Data Collection and Consolidation

The main activity of this WP is to set up a European database of financial networks. Additionally, data from US and Japan will be added. Data will include: institution financial profiles, financial linkages between institutions and main indicators relevant to credit markets. The collection of data is organized in tasks according to the nature of the data (T1.1-3). This data will be the input for WP3 (visualization) and WP4 (empirics and model validation). Task T1.4 will be devoted to integrating these different dataset in one database and to address
explicitly the issue of the level of aggregation at which it will be possible to share the data in the consortium and publicly. In addition, since accounting rule may vary across countries, this task will addresses also the issue of accounting rules consistency. All the collected data will be put in relation with a huge database provided by the bank HBSC. This database collects all the relevant information about financial news in the recent years and would constitute the timeline of the database